After-Sales-Service is seen as one of the most important reasons to purchase high quality Swiss Made watches. At Frédérique Constant we value a continued relationship with you, our customer. You may always contact us if any comments or questions. Your watch is guaranteed for a period of two years. Beyond, we also gladly service your watch for a minimal fee. Please check under ‘Retailers’ on this website where you can find a Service Center near you. We update the Retailer Locator regularly.


Our watch is a fine instrument. Please treat it with care and avoid violent shocks and knocks as it will leave marks on the case (especially on gold cases) or it can harm the inner mechanism of your watch. Please also do not leave your watch in an area with too high temperatures (i.e. car in direct sun) or strong magnetic fields (loudspeaker boxes) to avoid damages to the mechanism. The balance wheel in an automatic Frédérique Constant watch swings 28,800 times an hour and the gear train moves forward 691,200 times in 24 hours. In four years, this represents over one billion impulses. We advise you to bring your watch every 3-4 years to an official Frédérique Constant Retailer where a trained watchmaker will meticulously inspect it before cleaning and lubricating the movement thoroughly. You may check the Retailer Locator at for a service center near you or contact the Distributor in your country. Locate a Service Center


The rotor inside an automatic watch converts your forearm’s every motion into energy that winds the mainspring. When fully wound, it provides the watch with a power reserve of about 40 hours. A number of Frédérique Constant waches eature high-quality selfwinding mechanical movements. Provided it is worn regularly and actively, the watch should never require manual winding. Should it remain off the wrist for some days, the movement can be wound manually. Wind the movement by turning the crown clockwise approximately 15 full rotations. Push the crown back in. If a screw crown, unscrew the crown by turning the crown counterclockwise. To lock a screw crown, push the crown into the case and turn clockwise until it is tightly screwed in place.

The traditional automatic watch is made up of about 130 parts assembled in the three main parts, which are the source of energy, the regulating parts and the display. The number of component parts is much higher in so-called complicated watches (date, phases of moon, retrograde hand, etc.). The “ébauche” (about 60 parts) fitted with the regulating and certain other parts, forms the movement, in other words the internal mechanism of the watch, which makes it possible to maintain a constant tension in the spring once it has been wound manually or automatically (by movements of the wrist) and to regulate the display by means of the hands (hours, minutes, seconds). A watch is said to be finished when the movement has been fitted with a dial, hands, and case.


“A watch is not water resistant unless stated on the dial or case back. Watches, which are not noted as water resistant, should not be worn whilst washing hands, dishes or showering etc. The notation of water resistance to a given depth (e.g. 30m, 50m) is based on the fact that the case has been designed to withstand a static laboratory test to the stated dept.” Most water resistant watches are not designed for prolonged and active use in water. The only watches designed to withstand these types of conditions are professional divers watches. The figures quoted refer to static pressure. The actual water pressure on the watch during use will be greater than the static pressure.

For instance, diving pressure on the watch is clearly greater at the impact point with the water during poolside diving. Condensation can also be a problem. A sealed watch will pick up body warmth in water and this remains in the case. If the watch is then suddenly plunged into water that is some degrees colder, moisture can then be created within the watch and become visible as small droplets under the glass. This normally dissipates of its own accord once the watch is removed from the water, but this not always the case. The watch may then need to be returned to the watchmaker for inspection.

3 ATM/98 FT Suitable for everyday use. Will withstand accidental splashing but NOT suitable for swimming

6 ATM/164 FT Suitable for everyday use and swimming but NOT for poolside diving, snorkelling or water sports.

10 ATM Suitable for everyday use including swimming and snorkelling but NOT suitable for highboard diving or sub-aqua diving.

20 ATM Suitable for all high impact water sports and scuba diving at depths NOT requiring helium gas. At these depths however it is recommended that a professional divers watch be purchased.


Each watch is individually adjusted and checked on its accuracy before leaving the workshop. Please find here the table of Frédérique Constant accuracy.

FC300, FC303, FC310
-5 +15 SEC/DAY
FC315, FC335
-5 +15 SEC/DAY
FC305, FC325, FC360, FC610, FC680, FC710
-5 +10 SEC/DAY
BASE 2893
-5 +10 SEC/DAY
0 + 5 SEC/DAY
FC392, FC393, FC395
-5 +10 SEC/DAY
0 +20 SEC/DAY
FC700, FC735
-5 +10 SEC/DAY
FC910, FC930, FC915, FC935
-5 +10 SEC/DAY
FC980, FC985
0 + 5 SEC/DAY


Frédérique Constant fits fine quality genuine leather straps on its watches. In addition to the strap with theregular buckle, a special clip or ‘deployment’ clasp is available enabling options in choice to complement the watches. The buckle and special clip are made of stainless steel and bear the Frédérique Constant logo. Finally, Frédérique Constant has developed its own solid stainless steel bracelets which are superbly comfortable, even in the hottest climate. The unique construction is extremely strong and easily adjusted. They are also available in fully gold-plated versions.


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