The Application Actions menu can be accessed throughout the whole MMT-365 application by touching the Menu Icon menuicon

appactions_settings settings Access settings (see this article for more details)
Sleep Cycle alarms Wakes you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle during the time frame you set.
Get Active alerts Set a Get Active alert to remind you to move. Your watch will make a sound if you sit still for too long.
worldtimer After setting up the worldtimer, press the crown button three times to temporarily see the time in the timezone you selected. Click here for more details on how to use this function.
start sleep mode Allows you to switch between sleep and activity mode. You can also do this by pressing and holding the crown on the watch.
record a powernap Use powernaps to catch up on your sleep during the day.
Sleep duration indicates the amount of time you wish to sleep for. The app will only start counting duration after you actually fall asleep (ie. you selected 30 minutes, but it takes you 10 minutes to fall asleep, so the app will wake you a total of 40 minutes later).
Max duration indicates the latest time the alarm will sound after you start the powernap (ie. you need to be up in 45 minutes, so you want to be woken at that point regardless of how long it takes you to fall asleep or whether you are in deep sleep).
stopwatch Allows you to record the steps you take on a walk, hike, jog or run and view the distance covered during your recording.
share Share your graphs via email or Twitter. You also have the option to export all of your data.