The Settings screen can be accessed by touching the Menu Icon menuicon and selecting settings in the Application Actions menu.

my watch View details about your watch including connection status, firmware version, last sync time and serial number. You can also align hands, unpair and reset. Click here for more details on this screen.
goals Review and adjust what you established as your activity and sleep goals.
sleep mode placement Choose the location for your watch when you go to bed: either on your wrist or under your pillow.
user profile Adjust your profile information.
general Adjust your preference for distance units, sleep mode auto-stop and BMR calorie counting. If you are signed into an account, view your last backup or enable cloud backup. Also allows user to Reset Watch, Reset Application or Reset Calibration.
account Create, log in or log out of a MMT Cloud account for backing up your data.
add new watch Follow the instructions to pair a new watch.
help & faq Additional resources to help you get the most of your horological smartwatch.
send feedback Contact us directly for assistance, feedback or suggestions.