The new Frédérique Constant manufacture measures 3200 square meters, divided over four floors, offering an attractive working environment in the sectors of movement component production, calibre assembly, watch assembly, and extensive quality control. Numerically-controlled machines of the latest generation are located in a large atelier in the basement, where all component manufacturing is concentrated. Calibre and watch assembly, as well as state-of-the-art quality control is primarily organized on the first floor of the new Frédérique Constant building. The building is also the brand’s international headquarters.


This department is very important in the process of Frédérique Constant watch production. Often, the design of a new watch starts from a discussion between employees of different departments: sales, marketing, communication, workshops… These discussions are often lively, because each of our employees lives the launch of every new watch with great passion, making it into a real event. Once everyone has agreed on the new Frédérique Constant watch to develop, the designer will translate the idea into a drawing and then plan and prepare the specifications before launching the prototype phase.


Frédérique Constant uses cutting-edge computer software, principally computer aided design software, to assist in the watch design and development processes. The Designer will then build the model, component by component, layer by layer, which in turn will go on to define the manufacturing process for this watch itself. We are not talking here only about the most complicated movements as our Tourbillon Manufacture, but also about all the components necessary to produce our manufacture movements: the diameter of a hole on the plate, the weight of a rotor, the finishing of a bridge …. are only some examples. We do all this to make the new Frédérique Constant models unique and exceptional for your great pleasure !


At Frédérique Constant, when the watch passes to the “Prototype” department it enters a delicate and decisive phase, necessary before we launch the production of the new model. Assisted by an ultra sophisticated CNC machine, our micro-mechanical engineers study each process plan created by our Designer and build, step-by-step, each component destined to be integrated into our new manufacture calibre.


Quiet, analytical and precise are the qualities needed for our engineers,who sometimes need to adjust the settings many times before thecomponent is completely perfect.


Every visible component of each watch we produce is beautifully decorated. Every time the owner of a Frédérique Constant watch looks at their timepiece, they are bound to feel joy. Much of the intricate decorative work is done by hand, including detailed engravings, the application of the circular Côtes de Genève pattern, perlage and rhodiage, to name only a few.